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TIO BV Markets - Maritime

Marine & offshore

Due to a long maritime history the marine applications have a special place in our exhaust heart. In the maritime market a compact design, backpressure and attenuation are leading together with sometimes extreme offshore safety requirements. We design, manufacture and deliver the right solution to several engine manufacturers, shipyards and offshore suppliers. From oil rig to inland vessel to 120m mega yacht or sea-going vessel; from a single silencer to a turnkey TIER III exhaust system: we are your marine & offshore partner!


The energy market is a continuously changing international market in which we stand and deliver for many decades. We have long term relations with fairly all renowned diesel and gas engine manufacturers and distributers. In house we have a huge experience with tri- and cogeneration systems, typical greenhouse solutions, emergency and continuous power systems and boilers. We can offer not only silencers but full exhaust systems as a one stop shop, including catalysts, SCR or diesel particle filters. Clean is the future! Huge data centres, tomato greenhouses, electricity peak power stations, single biogas cogeneration, name it and we make it silent. All over the globe and for many maintenance free years!

TIO BV Markets - Energy
TIO BV Markets - Industrial Air

Air systems

Industrial air applications have their own typical challenges. The often pressurised systems need rigid solutions on the outlet side and low backpressure solutions on the inlet side. The in-duct noise levels are often extremely high reaching fighter jet plane levels. Some major compressor manufacturers find their way to us already for many, many years which gives us a lot of up to date know how on this typical equipment. We offer very keen and silent typical vacuum technology and compressed air intake and discharge solutions.


Nearly any high pressure gas or steam application has the need to vent or evacuate a system at certain times or as a safety measure. Opening such a relief valve or control valves generates typical blow-off noise, which are usually very high. Designing silencers for these applications require a special approach. Subjects like pressure, temperature, flow noise and material choices are key. In all those years our reference list has become very long: Shell, BP, BasF, Atlas Copco, Dupont, ABB. Hexion, Honeywell. Just to mention some!

TIO BV Markets - Blowoff
TIO BV Markets - Industry


TIO BV is a leading manufacturer of industrial silencers and accessories for any application in the industry market since 1934. In this market, where strength and attenuation are often leading together with sometimes very special dimensional requirements, we can design, manufacture and deliver the right solution. We make your pumps, vehicles, cranes, trains and automobiles whisperingly silent!