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26 Aug, 2022

Following up our previous July newsflash, August is packed with silencer deliveries for several air and gas systems. And steam and hydrogen systems. We design and manufacture custom silencer solutions for the broadest range of industrial markets. Design and engineering always include 2D or 3D drawings and noise and backpressure calculations. Optionally anything is possible, like choice of materials, pressure calculations conform ASME or EN13445 with PED certification, vibration free installation advice and thermal insulation calculations. Testplans may include PMI, weldmapping and any type of weld NDT. Finally a chosen paint system gives the final protection and touch for a very long lifetime. And long it is; at this moment we started the manufacturing of 3 large replacement silencers for a blow off project delivered in the 90′ s. On the pics we see the RAL colours 1011, 5001, 6011, 7000, 7011 and 9007. Commonly the colour already reveals the client! The pictured silencers are delivered to global leading petrochemical companies and compressor manufacturers. Contact us here for a reference list or for an offer for the very best noise reducing solution on your air and gas systems!